Back to Saigon

It's been quite a busy week - I handed in my notice last week, booked my tickets on Wednesday and we will be returning to Vietnam at the start of November - very exciting stuff. It's been over a year since we were in Saigon last and it feels like a very long time indeed!

Posts like the aroma of Saigon from Chris Harvey are making me rather impatient, as does rainy days in Saigon from EatingAsia - not to mention the great photos by Simon Kutcher at Saigon Today which have kept me going for most of the past year.. just a few more weeks to go!

Still, I need to crack on and get some more travel content finished for the site - it was always the plan to include more interesting, out of the way places on this site and right now it reads like a Sinh Cafe itinerary for a time stretched traveller.