Back in Saigon

Been back in Saigon for two weeks now and it feels great.. funnily enough the day before we left the UK it turned artic, with snow settling across London and bitter winds before turning into a chilly but bright and sunny day as we did one last tour round London before hopping on the flight.. a perfect time to leave, we thought!

We've settled into a nice house with friends in Phu Nhuan and have been enjoying exploring the backstreets and all the good food that is on offer around here, as well as catching up with old friends and most importantly some of the students who lived at the project I used to work for - now doing extremely well with their own jobs and places to live, and looking extremely happy and confident!

I'm on the lookout for another full time job in an NGO, but in the meantime am doing some freelance web development and internet marketing projects for various people to keep the funds coming in and enjoying having some free time for once! If you are looking for help with your website then do get in touch.

I'm also going to be volunteering at Saigon Children's Charity again as the race manager for their Cyclo Challenge, a great day of Cyclo races to raise money for charity. I've been involved before in 2006 and 2007 and its a fantastic day out, as well as a very important fundraiser for the charity - so if you haven't got involved already take a look at the website to learn more about putting in a team or sponsoring the event.