Eating in Nha Trang - Restaurants, Seafood + Local Specialties

There are an enormous range of options for travelers to Nha Trang, whether you're looking for some delicious local dishes, great seafood or a bit of homely western grub. There are options for Vietnamese, Italian, Thai, French, Indian and more, and venues range from top class restaurants to roadside noodle stalls or the ladies on the beach that will grill you some of the freshest, tastiest seafood to be found, right next to your towel.

While it is easy to gorge yourself on familiar food here - there's even shepherds pie and bangers and mash - we highly recommend seeking out some of the local specialties while you stay here, and you should certainly have at least one major seafood feast while you're in town!

Local specialties include nem nuong, a delicious combination of barbecued pork, salad and herbs which you roll up in your rice paper and dip in a gorgeous peanut and hoi sin sauce. Additionally the local take on bun ca (fish rice noodle soup) and bun cha ca (rice noodles and fish cake in soup) are highly regarded throughout Viet Nam.

The ladies on the beach can do you lobster, crab, prawns or squid on their little portable barbeques at a very good price, or you could opt for one of the seafront seafood restaurants - we rather like the ones on the beach, near the junction of Le Thanh Ton and Tran Phu, a little way north from The Sailing Club - in order to get a wide range of delights for a small premium over normal prices.

Alternatively if you drive North up the coast - or flag down a Xe Om (motorbike taxi) or taxi - over the bridge, round the headland and around the next bay, there are two delicious seafood restaurants (nha hang hai san) to be found, with fantastic views back across the bay towards Nha Trang town.

Very popular too in Nha Trang are grill-your-own barbeque restaurants, where you will be brought a clay pot full of coals to cook your own food over. You can choose from a selection of marinaded meats such as Bo Nuong Sate (Beef grilled with a spicy sate sauce - not Indonesian peanut sate!), Bo Nuong Xa Ot (Beef grilled with lemongrass and chilli), and Heo Nuong Ngu Vi (Pork grilled with five spices) or opt for some locally caught fish such as king fish (Ca Thu) or tuna (Ca Ngu). One of the most famous places for this is set back from the main boulevard near the bridge to the other side of town - follow Tran Phu north from the tourist area and turn left just before the bridge.