Hanoi Elegance Hotel


8 Hang Bac Street - Hoan Kiem
21° 2' 1.8708" N, 105° 51' 13.7232" E

For a gorgeous boutique hotel in the Hanoi area, the Hanoi Elegance Hotel is the perfect choice. This superb hotel has everything to offer patrons, from fine cuisine to sophisticated style. The hotel has a chic and modern feel to it. The furniture in each room is very simplistic, yet looks great.

The spa is one of the best features of this hotel. One can choose to get a massage at the hotel spa with petals from Vietnamese flowers and hot stones. The spa offers a truly relaxing experience that is great for any professional who may be in great need of a stress reliever.

Each hotel room has incredible extra amenities, that make it worthwhile to stay at the Hanoi Elegance hotel. For example, all guests have wireless access and there is even a computer in each room. Internet access is free of charge at this hotel. There is even a mini sauna in each room, which is perfect for relaxing after one has had a workout at the hotel gymnasium. One may choose to get laundry and dry cleaning services from the help staff if one wants at this hotel. In addition, each room is given a daily newspaper to read in the morning.

Overall, this is a great hotel for those who like the taste of luxury without the expensive price tag. Customers consistently rate this as a hotel that offers great value at a low cost. One will be sure to have a great experience at this hotel.