Hoi An Trails Resort


276 Cua Dai Street
Hoi An
15° 53' 17.6712" N, 108° 21' 7.2396" E

If you’re looking to stay at one of the top resorts in Vietnam, look no further than the Hoi An Trails Resort in Hoi An. This nostalgic-like yet modern hotel sports a 4.5-star traveler rating, which is a rating that most hotels can only dream about. The reason for the high rating has a lot to do with beautiful grounds and overall impeccable cleanliness. Walking around the property is a great way to spend an afternoon. The stone walkways and beautiful gardens make for a relaxing experience. And if you feel like seeing a little more, continue your walk off the property and explore the many nearby fishing villages.

The staff at the Hoi An Trails Resort should not be overlooked. Many travelers return to the Hoi An Trails Resort because of the unparalleled service. You are always treated like royalty and most staff members will remember you even if you return years later. The location of the Hoi An Trails Resort is also ideal. It’s right between the city centre and the Hoian River.

You won’t find a lot of amenities at the Hoi An Trails Resort, but they’re not necessary. The neatest feature of the Hoi An Trails Resort is the Panorama Bar & Restaurant, which is on the roof. The food is great and the views are even better. You can see past the river and as far as the sea. Other amenities include a business center and free WiFi. More impressive is the cleanliness of the rooms. Most of these rooms also have a balcony. The Hoi An Trails Resort comes highly recommended for any traveler.