Orchid Hotel


30A Chu Van An St.
16° 28' 5.8476" N, 107° 35' 37.41" E

Are you currently planning a trip or vacation for Vietnam? You should plan your stay at The Orchid Hotel in Hue, Vietnam. The Orchid Hotel is slowly gaining popularity for becoming one of the best hotels in that area. Let’s take a look at the advantages this fine hotel offers its guests.

Friendly Staff

The staff at The Orchid is very friendly and helpful. It would be odd and unusual to see a staff member working without a smile on his or her face. The staff makes sure that the entire hotel stays clean.

Contemporary Design

The hotel has a wonderful contemporary design. This is quite shocking for tourists who expect to see something much different in Vietnam. The Orchid Hotel’s design has received many compliments from travel experts and travel magazine editors.

Exceptional Amenities

The Orchid Hotel has exceptional amenities for their guests. Many guests adore the fact that bedrooms are extremely huge.

Convenient Location

This fine hotel is located conveniently in the heart of Hue. It is nearly five minutes away from the train station. It is also a located close to many of the great attractions within this city. For example, The Hue River is only two to three miles away from the hotel.

Breakfast Buffet

Guests can expect to be treated to a wonderful breakfast buffet when they wake up in the morning. Guests can eat until their heart is content.

Do you have any intentions of visiting Vietnam anytime soon? You should plan your stay at The Orchid Hotel in Hue. You will enjoy your stay!