Nha Trang Nightlife - Bars + Clubs

Photo credit: Nguyen Trung

While Nha Trang certainly has a different scene to that of Sihanoukille in Cambodia or any of the Thai beaches, it has certainly earned a reputation as one of the top towns to party outside of the big cities.

From relaxing lounge bars to dancing all night in a club or on the beach, there's plenty to keep your hedonistic streak entertained.

In the daytime, the best places to be are surely the beach, as the views out to sea just can't be beaten. There are plenty of shady spots spread out along the beach, whether in the seafood restaurants or on a sunlounger under the mushroom shaped palm umbrellas that you can rent from the Sailing Club or Lousiana Brew House.

The Lousiana is a great place to drink freshly brewed beers - though not the Vietnamese Bia Hoi, which you can find dotted around the town on street corners, the brews at Louisiana are a taste of home, reminding you of good ales when you've been away some time.

As night falls, you can get great offers on drinks and some rather tasty cocktails at Guava Bar, a very laid back bar (except when the football's on!) with rich bassy lounge music, nice lighting and very comfortable seating - as well as some rather unique bar-armchairs. They've got a great seating area out the back too.

Later in the evening there is a popular movement to the Sailing Club, a Nha Trang institution in many ways. With a huge dancefloor in front of a very long bar, the Sailing Club is usually buzzing with backpackers, scuba divers, bright young things from Saigon and lots of jars of unidentified alcohol. Out the front on the terraces is generally more relaxed, with a lovely view out to sea, where you can just about hear the waves crashing over the sound of the music. Once a month they run a full moon party called Insomnia, and there are often other events on too.

Finally if you're still going and you've had enough of the Sailing Club, the Why Not? bar picks up after midnight for those who don't want to go home.

There are several other nightclubs which cater to a more Vietnamese than western crowd - 007 being one whose name I remember - if you know of any others you'd recommend please drop us a line.

One final note - when you've had a few do try to be careful and aware of your surroundings. Vietnam is a very safe place and violence is very rare, however pickpocketing is fairly common in Nha Trang in the wee hours, particularly from men dressed as ladies who approach drunken tourists on their stagger home, so do try and be alert.