Vietnam Blogs + Websites

There's a wealth of great writing on Vietnam online, here's some links to our favourites. Do get in touch if you'd like to be added to the list!

News in Vietnam

Thanh Nien - Possibly my favourite as it often has a fair amount of analysis - certainly a lot more than you'd find in Viet Nam News!
VietNamNet Bridge - Translates and publishes news from a wide range of sources
Intellasia - Daily updates on news from Vietnam and across the region
Viet News Online - The new English language publication from Tuoi Tre, the HCMC Communist Youth Union's paper, one of the most popular newspapers in Vietnam

Vietnamese Food

Viet World Kitchen - Based in California but full of great articles and recipes on Vietnamese food.
Gastronomy provides lots of reviews and photos of great street food from around Saigon and Asia as a whole. Not in Vietnam anymore but the archives are still great
Sticky Rice blogs on tasty treats from around Hanoi
Noodlepie doesn't live in Saigon anymore but still blogs about Vietnam from time to time - still very useful if you're craving a particular dish though as you can look up your favourites and get suggestions on good places to eat them
Eating Asia is a mouthwatering blog with fantastic photos. With food from all across South East Asia - we've linked to the Vietnam section here.

Vietnam's Development

Vietnam Streets - the blog of the excellent Blue Dragon Children's Foundation in Hanoi, contains some amazing stories about the lives of children in Vietnam

Antidote to Burnout Written by Mel Scheneck, an architect from San Francisco who's relocated to Saigon, who writes some very interesting round-ups of the current plans for redevelopment of HCMC, the big infrastructure projects etc as well as slices of life and travel stories

Its the final word is written by Jon Hoff, an English teacher living in Saigon who also blogs on the plans for the future of the city. He also operated his own tour agency, Connections Vietnam.

Photos + Photo blogs

Saigon Today, by Simon Kutcher, is a great photoblog of views from around Saigon and Vietnam as a whole - i love it.
Photography Community - A Photography community, photographers can make own albumn, upload their photo, comment and vote for others. Free too join.
Chuck Kunh Photography posts photos, news and travel information
Vietnam720 offers 'virtual 3d tours' of locations around Vietnam - cunning stuff.

Life in Vietnam

Expat bloggers in Vietnam offer quite an interesting perspective on life and events in Vietnam

A Girl In Asia - Liz Ledden blogs on travel, eating, drinking and more from Saigon

Backwater Views - A South African living in Saigon

Saigon Blues - Rarely updated but with good insights when it does

Charvey in Vietnam - Blogs about working in the IT sector in Vietnam

Hanoi Scrachpad is a Hanoi based blogger with great in-depth writing on Vietnam, highly recommended

Living In Saigon offers a mix of notable news, good photos and thoughts from life in Saigon.

Michael Sieburg - Recently returned to Vietnam, Michael offers some good insights on how Vietnam is changing

Thomas Wanhoff writes about technology, the media and advertising in Vietnam

Saigon Nezumi - A Japanese-American IT expert in Saigon

The Comical Hat - an entertaining look at events in Vietnam from Hanoi

Vietnam Travel Notes - Adam Bray keeps us up to date with travel news and adventures