On your bike!

One thing I could never get over in Viet Nam was the sheer variety of things people carried on their motorbikes. Whether panes of glass, crates of eggs, animals, washing machines or even refrigerators it was all fair game!

Frosted Glass (credit: IpsoFoto)

Eggs (credit: ニコール)

7 Years Bad Luck? (credit: Jom Manilat)

Refridgerator (credit: Tour Leader)

Washing Machines (credit: audrey_sel)

Pigs (credit: noodletaco)

Milk Cartons (credit: Amasc)

Coconuts (credit: ONE/MILLION)

Vegetables (credit: mrlob)

Tyres + Scaffolds (credit: mrlob)

Blocks of Ice (credit: Loki)

Cloth (credit: Nguyen Ngoc Chinh)

Boxes (credit: mrlob)

Drinking glasses (credit: mrlob)

Kinh Do Bakery (credit: Nguyen Ngoc Chinh)

Everything but the.. Kitchen sink? (credit: Nguyen Ngoc Chinh)

Water Bottles (credit: Nguyen Ngoc Chinh)

Coca Cola (credit: Drew__)

Beer! (credit: Nguyen Ngoc Chinh)

Boxes (credit: pouchcotato)

Gas Cylinders (credit: varf)

Bananas (credit: borgesaleph)

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