Vietnam Tourism Statistics

Vietnam Visitor Numbers
Chart showing growth in Vietnam's Vistor Numbers. Source: VNAT

Over the past ten years Vietnam has seen an extrodinary growth in tourist numbers - a 286% rise since 1998, and in recent years growth has been as 20% compared to the previous year.

This year growth in visitor numbers is expected to fall as a result of the combined effects of the global recession and the 30% inflation that rocked the country early in the year, coupled with massive hikes in the price of fuel resulting in higher tour and accommodation prices. Prices have since begun to fall across the country, and many hotels have reduced their prices, but as advertising for 2009 tours has already begun in the US and Europe these falls in price have come a little too late for package tourists, though they will still benefit independent travellers.

Despite these challenges visitor numbers for 2008 are predicted to reach up to 4,350,000 - a 3.5-4% growth compared to last year, and it is reported that the Vietnam Administration of Tourism will soon begin running worldwide television adverts

Currently tourism generates $3 billion in revenue for Vietnam, which based on 2007's GDP figure of $71 billion (based on market exchange rate, not Purchasing Power Parity) means it accounts for 4.2% of the nation's GDP, and is an important source of foreign currency that helps Vietnam manage its current account deficit.

By 2010 the administration of tourism projects visitor numbers to rise to 6 million arrivals and $4 - $4.5 billlion in revenue.

A survey in 2005 reported that of the 8,300 tourists who responded 34% had visited Vietnam before, 74% felt Vietnam had a clean and beautiful environment and 66% complimented the country's accommodation. Surprisingly just 65% stated they had enjoyed Vietnam's food, something I personally would have expected to ranked much higher.

Vietnam Visitors - Vital Statistics

(Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam, Jan 2008 - Oct 2008)

By what means do tourists arrive in Vietnam?

By air 2,791,556
By sea 127,481
By road 678,804

Visitors to Vietnam predominantly arrive by air, but there are still over half a million visitors who enter the country by road each year.

What reasons do visitors give for entering Vietnam?

Tourism 2,194,931
Business 723,264
Visiting relatives 443,443
Other 236,203

Which countries do tourists to Vietnam predominantly come from?

Over 65% of Vietnam's visitors are from Asian countries, followed by 15% from Europe and 13% from North America. Top countries by visitor numbers in Asia include China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, followed by other South East Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia.

Amongst 'western' countries the biggest source of visitors was the USA with 350,000 visitors, followed by Australia and France with betwen 150 and 200,000 visitors per year. The UK, Germany and Canada were trailing with between 70 and 90 thousand visitors per year.

Breakdown of visitors' home countries

Country Visitors
China 538,645
South Korea 392,150
USA 357,299
Japan 333,226
Taiwan 266,555
Australia 199,035
Thailand 154,029
France 148,778
Malaysia 141,804
Singapore 126,989
Cambodia 110,387
United Kingdom 88,492
Germany 81,008
Canada 72,774
Russia Federal 39,192
Philippines 39,040
Netherlands 29,744
Laos 28,124
Sweden 23,222
Indonesia 21,353
Spain 21,077
New Zealand 17,947
Denmark 17,131
Italy 16,659
Switzerland 15,863
Belgium 13,710
Norway 12,880
Finland 6,819
Hong Kong 5,136